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I date from 1948 and was born and brought up on the north-east coast of England but that doesn’t make me a Geordie.

I’m an experienced teacher, composer, editor and author on musical matters generally. A Vice-President of the Peter Warlock Society, I was previously its Chairman and Newsletter Editor. Warlock’s music has long been a fascination of mine; it was the subject of my doctoral thesis which duly became a book (Peter Warlock the composer, Scolar Press, 1996). I’ve churned out many other writings about this intriguing, inventive and infuriating character and was interviewed about him for an edition of BBC Radio 4’s Robert Winston’s musical analysis. Now semi-retired I continue to work part-time as a tutor in adult education, teaching a wide range of topics that cover most periods of musical history.

When I was a teacher in mainstream, secondary education I made many arrangements (of a stylistically diverse repertoire) to suit the idiosyncrasies of my school bands and orchestra. I also wrote, often in collaboration with colleagues, a quantity of other music – some for dramatic presentations including plays by Terson, Brecht and Seami – although little of that is represented here, for the time being at least.

My communion anthem Angels eyes–angels blisse–angels guifts was a joint winner of the Harold Smart Prize (Royal School of Church Music) and is available via this site. Pieces I’ve written have been performed all over the place, in school halls and theatres, in community centres, in churches and cathedrals including St Paul’s (yes, that St Paul’s).

My musicological interests are wide and some of them are reflected in the pieces I write although I gave up serialism in my early twenties. At the request of students I have taught subjects that I never thought I would and ended up enjoying them; this applies particularly to 19th century personalities and issues. I have a particular sympathy with early music and am a trustee of the internationally acclaimed ensemble His Majestys Sagbutts and Cornetts.


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