I shall add to this page from time to time. It is here for miscellaneous items that don’t fit anywhere else. Items displayed are likely to be scans of manuscript copies and are not necessarily for general distribution but there’s no harm in asking. They’re really here for a bit of fun but they might also demonstrate further what I can do.

Master Martin’s galiard (A nyce peece)

A simple piece for lute (in tablature). It was written as a birthday present for a friend.


A setting of T S Eliot’s Rhapsody on a windy night for soprano and cello from 1976; everything had to be handwritten and my calligraphic skills were necessarily much better than now. The opening bars only appear here; it was originally written on two Full Imperial pages of graph paper with a third title/text page. Although only a sample it’s a large file made up of 5 scans stitched together so to reproduce the whole score would be a huge undertaking…   


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