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I can arrange material for your ensemble, instrumental or vocal, small or large. This could be a piece that already exists, it might be based on an idea of your own that needs extending, or it could be one of my own pieces for, e.g., voice and piano that you would like to be performed by an instrumental group.

However it is important to be aware of copyright in this context. If I am not sure about the copyright position of any piece I am asked to arrange I shall not go ahead with it.

Please let me know your requirements as precisely as possible. This will help us to negotiate an appropriate fee. Paper size - see Terms and Conditions.


Is the music in the wrong key for your voice or instrument? I can transpose it and print out a new performing edition to suit you. Scan the original and e-mail it to me, telling me by how much you want it transposed, upwards or downwards.

Subject to copyright I can transpose music of your choice and also arrange it for another group of instrumentalists or singers. Please contact me before sending any materials.

I can make transposed versions of my own pieces at little or no extra cost. However in some cases this procedure would be inappropriate and so I would choose not to. Paper size - see Terms and Conditions.


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