Songs (solo voice)

Three songs from Twelfth night

Familiar words from Shakespeare’s play that address life’s issues and are sung by a clown in the company of drunkards. Get one, get the lot of them – the songs that is, not the drunks. (Voice and piano)

O mistress mine            Come away death                 When that I was

The sun’s rim dips

The text is taken from Coleridge’s Rime of the ancient mariner and the song was an item in a setting of the poem I made for school pupils to act, dance and sing. (Voice and piano)


A prose setting (unbarred) of words from Oscar Wilde’s short story The nightingale and the rose. (Voice and piano)

Sweet echo

The text is from John Milton’s masque Comus. The instrumental part has some simple double-stopping but is not demanding. (Voice and fiddle)

Slumber tree

A lullaby with words by Alfred Perceval Graves, father of Robert. The instrumental part is straightforward. (Voice and guitar)


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