I use modern, sophisticated software that produces a high quality result for amateur or professional use. I have been using this program and its predecessors for over 20 years; it is very familiar to me and, therefore, I can produce work efficiently, accurately and speedily. Because I work via the Internet you will need to scan any manuscript with which you would like me to work and e-mail it to me. I shall soon ask should anything be unclear. It would be useful, in all cases, to contact me with full particulars before sending any material.

I can also work from printed material as long as no mechanical or intellectual rights are contravened.

I shall need to know the dimensions and format required. Should the piece you wish me to typeset be a score involving a number of instruments, I can also produce individual parts.

Work will be sent to you in PDF format. This can be read on all modern machines and readily printed out. Please read my Terms and Conditions.


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