Music for Christmas

Pageant of the shearmen and tailors

The Coventry carol relates the Massacre of the Innocents from a particular standpoint. This A3 landscape score is an arrangement for mixed forces (winds and 3-part choir).

Gabriel’s message

(“The angel Gabriel from Heaven came…”) Here is another arrangement, a companion piece (and something of an antidote) to the above, using the same resources and in the same format.

The burning babe

St Robert Southwell’s words have been employed by a number of others. This version is for a capable chamber choir of similar voices (4 parts) – a description you can interpret in a number of ways.

There is no rose

Here are more, familiar (and anonymous, late mediæval) words but I have used the refrain a number of times as an introductory and concluding device rather than positioning it between the verses as is usually the case. The setting is multimetrical with syncopated rhythms. (SATB)

This is the month (anthem and dance )

The opening stanzas of John Milton’s On the morning of Christs Nativity set, ironically, in a pseudo-vernacular way, rather like a gallery anthem (SATB). You also get a dance to finish the piece off.


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Upon Christs Nativity

I was drawn to and fascinated by these words of Rowland Watkyns and his curious juxtapositions of contradictory statements relating to “Christmasse”. I have endeavoured to reflect these mysteries in my setting which is, consequently, texturally demanding. (SATB)

Ramble on Adeste fideles

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shepherds watched their flocks by night

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