Music for organ

Most of these pieces were written for friends and have been given on a number of occasions and in several different venues. Some are fairly traditional (and simple), others are more adventurous (and technically demanding).

Five fanfares

Short pieces that can be played as a set or used to punctuate other items in a recital, etc.

I-A fanfare of assuredness  II-A fanfare of indecision  III-A wayward fanfare  IV-A fanfare of compromise  V-A fanfare of ecstasy

Prelude and fanfares on Lux Eoi

A pair of pieces based on Sir Arthur Sullivan’s hymn-tune.

Meditation on Repton

Darkness into Light: Sir Hubert Parry’s melody from his oratorio Judith, later sung to “Dear Lord and Father of mankind”.

Prelude on Ravenshaw

Another piece based on a familiar hymn-tune, this time by W H Monk (although his melody was itself derived from an earlier model).

Over the points (organ duet) – Praeludio and In nomine

A pair of pieces for this unusual (although not unique) ensemble. The larger component is based on the In nomine cantus firmus; the shorter prelude is based on the movement that follows it. I also have this piece formatted for Primo and Secondo pages if you prefer. This is a large, A3 landscape score.

Ramble on Adeste fideles

A sort of prelude and fugue on the well-known Christmas hymn


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